Ten things about Twitter.

In 140 Characters or Less.

1. Twitter is intriguing and annoying. We followed individuals, companies, celebrities, and media. Constant updates are fun, but few worthwhile at that instant.

2. We wonder if media are suited for Twitter. Turned off NYT and Treehugger phone updates because tweet with every new article was tiresome. Easier to read websites.

3. Growth is impressive. Watched the Ashton Kutcher/CNN race to 1 million users 2 weeks ago. Kutcher now has 1.5 mil; CNN, 1.3 mil.

4. Top 10 on Twitter: 1. Kutcher, 2. CNN, 3. B. Spears, 4. E. Degeneres, 5. B. Obama, 6. Twitter (!), 7. John Mayer, 8. Jimmy Fallon, 9. Shaq, 10. Ryan Secrest.

5. Neilsen data (twice checked) shows 60% of Twitter users quit after a month. http://bit.ly/dX6b7 Ironically, this created a firestorm of tweets.
6. Companies ranked higher if there’s a passion for the product/service.
Whole Foods is 28th. But most tweets involve customer complaints.

7. Twitter has proven itself surprising valuable during crisis and/or real-time events. See the founder’s TED Talk. http://bit.ly/w9Xd2

8. Most power Twitter users aren’t on the website. They’re using programs like Tweetdeck or Twirl, which lowers Twitter’s web traffic readings.

9. The Twitter search tool is maybe its best feature, especially for tracking opinions/news in real time.

10. Twittering effectively for yourself or organization is work. Rule of thumb: 2 to 4 tweets per day. Do you have that much to say?

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