A look at our archive.

More than 115 articles on marketing communications. Could one change your bottom line?

Over the last couple of years, we have posted a new article about marketing communications faithfully every Monday morning. In fact, we were a little surprised ourselves to discover that there are now more than 115 stories available that cover different aspects of marketing communications.
What's also interesting to us is what people are doing with this information. We get comments on different stories--ranging from "wow, I never thought of that," to "your headline is misleading," to simply "good article." We always appreciate those, and encourage you to keep 'em coming.

And readers have taken our stories and used them for other blogs, magazine articles, and even academic papers, as a quick Google search last week discovered. But what we really like is when people take what we've written and apply the ideas to their businesses to build their return on investment.

If you haven't taken a look at our article archive, you'll find posts designed to help you through our current tough economic times, such as "Good marketing for bad times," "After the apocalypse," or "Recession? We hope that's all it is." There are also articles about cutting waste from your ad program and determining which marketing ROI model, transactional or equity is right for your business.

Need to get a better handle on how you can use social media? Try "Social Engagement." Wonder if you're advertising too much or not enough, check out "How many times to I have to tell you?" or "Think your campaign is wearing out?" And if you want to see who really controls the money in the country, take a look at the "Invisible woman" or "Geezers got it going on."

Media is changing weekly in our world, and we've tried to document what marketers need to know about it. See what you think about "Is anyone still paying attention to ads and commercials," "The news about news media: Print," or "You know you need to advertise on the web, but where?"

Public relations tactics are covered in stories such as "New uses for news releases," "Put some teeth into your sound bites," or "Green, red and the new tipping point."

If you really want to get into the heads of your audience, we've covered neuromarketing with "Is neuromarketing making you crazy," and explained how we re-did our website after reading about the latest neuromarketing studies in "Switching sides." If you're a creative trying to make communications more effective without killing your art or concept, you might want to check out "Say it like you mean it," "Famous last words," or Marketing jujitsu: Comparative advertising."

There's plenty more--book reviews, video techniques, music strategies, even ways to make PowerPoint presentations better. Take a look for yourself at www.brainposse.com/archive.html.

And as always, we invite your comments on what you like. Or don't like.