Staying afloat at C-Level.

Reaching C-suite executives requires focus. And ingenuity.

What’s the first thing a top corporate executive likely does in the morning? Reach for a cup of coffee and The Wall Street Journal?

Maybe. If the WSJ is the online and not the print edition.

According to The Center for Media Research, 67% of C-suite executives rely on the internet as their primary source of information, up 37% in the last four years. During the same time frame, execs report that their use of printed newspapers (including the Journal) has declined 36%.

The Center cites a study from and Gartner, which also indicated that C-level executives are relying on online information in other ways.

For example:

--C-Level executives consume media on the Web more than any other medium (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers), at 41%
--More than two in five C-Level executives believe the Web contains the most informative advertising
--Senior executives are increasingly utilizing the Web to find information and shop
--Senior executives are researching their competitors and industry trends online on a daily basis.

Obviously, the speed at which information can be accessed is a key to this growing influence. And as the ‘net gains influence, this requires that marketers wanting to reach a top-level audience look at new ways to communicate online.

And, just as important, with other media.

C-suite residents are among the most voracious consumers of information, and they will actively reference multiple links to sources that can either reinforce or contradict what they may have read from initial web pages. Even though the research indicates that digital news outlets continue to gain ground, ad viewership is lagging behind. And even if the Forbes/Gartner study indicates that execs believe the web has the most informative advertising, it’s important to note that the interpretation of “advertising” might be a lot broader than banner ads.



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    I suppose some may feel this is a good thing..However what is happening to the days of opening newspapers, magazines, shopping and is now becoming inter...interneting..carol stanley author of FOr Kids 59.99 and Over